Sunday, August 15, 2010

Grampi and Princess Buttercup Sketch

Patterns In The Sand

I was playing in the sandbox with Princess Buttercup (something I wouldn't do without her), when she took a serving tray and used it to flatten the sand as a foundation for a sand castle.. It made an interesting abstract design, which I thought would make a good start for my next sketch.

Black High Heel

Inspired by a picture of a black high heel, I thought I would try to draw it.

Favorite Coffee Cup

Anyone who knows us knows that my husband and I are coffee fanatics. We order our coffee from Central Coast Coffee Roasting Company in California, 10 pounds at a time, and hope it will last a month. Our favorites are Sumatra, Stormin Norman, Morning Fog Lifter, Whiplash Blend and Whisper Bill's Blend. No flavored coffee here, only full bodied, slo roasted, maximum flavored brew for us. Drinking coffee is somewhat of a ritual here, and we each require our own special mugs. My husband's mugs are bold, heavy and hold a full two cups while mine our more delicate and hold a little more than a cup. I have a collection of hand made mugs, souvenirs from various vacations, that I like to rotate, but I have one favorite. It's a favorite because of it color, shape, feel, and because it reminds me of days in New Hampshire. While sitting and drinking one of my evening cups of coffee, I thought I would sketch my favorite cup.

The Sketchbook Begins

My sketchbook arrived and sat on the table for a few weeks waiting to be touched. Finally, last Sunday, August 8, I took pencil to the paper and began. Since it was Sunday, and I usually watch "Sunday Morning" on CBS on Sunday mornings, I started with a "Sun".